Pretty good kale salad

So.  Kale was the Wonder Veg, then it went out of style for a sec…

now I think it’s stylish again?


Here’s a recipe for some kale salad that I like to make for parties, as a side dish.

Doctor it up, as needed, of course.  (I will add some ideas for you to peek)


Pretty good kale salad:

  • about 3 large bowls worth of full leaves of kale greens
  • 2 large carrots
  • 2-3  extra small lemons or limes (I use meyer lemons), or 1/2 a large lemon…anyway, about 2oz fresh tangy citrus juice
  • 1 small tangerine, or 1/2 large orange…about 2oz fresh sweet citrus juice
  • 1 large apple
  • 1 very ripe tomato
  • 2-4 tablespoons grapeseed oil
  • 1-2 tablespoons olive oil
  • salt/pepper to taste, seasoned salt or onion salt is good!
  • dash of cayenne
  • dash of dried garlic, &/or 1 whole clove
  • dash of cumin
  • snip some scallions over the top
  • sesame seeds to taste
  • 1/4 tsp fresh minced ginger


First of all, the most important thing to remember about our friend, Kale, is that it is best absorbed in our bodies when we warm it up, at least just a little.   check out:

(I mean, I still put kale in my smoothies, but I like using the method I describe here)

So anyway take your fresh hardy greens: kale, mustards, chard, what-have-you from the garden, and then you go ahead and soak those greens in very hot (almost boiling) salt water for at least 30min.  Depending if the greens are tough and bitter, or sweeter and softer, you can change the water out and soak again an additional 30min.  Generally speaking, the spring/summer greens tend to be sweeter and less woody, and the fall/winter greens tend to be tougher and more bitter.  The saltwater also takes care of any stray aphids, which you’ll probably get if you’re gardening organically& don’t have the ladybugs to eat them for you.

Soak those greens in hot salt water, 30min.

Meanwhile, you will want to crush your clove of garlic and leave it sit for at least 10 minutes.  Garlic is best absorbed by our bodies when we give it a chance to oxidize a little.  See here:


Now go on and add your carrots to the hot saltwater bath.  They should soak for a good 5-10 minutes.  Wash them off first.  Dont peel the outside layer, cuz that’s the best one!


Squeeze/strain the citrus juice into a very large bowl.

Add the minced ginger and other spices.

Take some kitchen scissors to the tomato, julienne it right into the bowl!

Mix all this up w/ about 1/2 of the portion of oil.

Shred the apple directly into the bowl.

Rinse carrots& shred directly into bowl.

Now add garlic, since it’s had a chance to breathe.

Mix everything up, add remaining oil.

Now strain and rinse the greens, and then take your kitchen scissors and snip them into the bowl.

Toss the salad.

Sprinkle some sesame seeds and snip some scallions over the top.


Et voila!  You now have yourself a pretty good kale salad.  Enjoy


Ideas/variations/jazz it up:

  • add fresh sweet corn
  • add fresh pomegranate seeds or juice
  • use tonight’s salad in tomorrow’s smoothie
  • try sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, or shaved almonds
  • add feta, cotija, or crumbled goat cheese
  • garnish with dried cranberries
  • add fresh cilantro or parsley



We tell ourselves lies all the time, but our Imaginations are our greatest gift.  If you find yours is maybe a little bit rusty, possibly due to too much 1st world bullshit, please do not fret~ for you can borrow mine!Here are some things we can imagine Together, All of Us~ lies we can tell till they’re True.  Please repeat them over and over again, because it becomes the Truth, and Nice Truths bear repeating.  Say them out loud, type them out, or write them down.  It’s All Good.

Go on now, start tellin lies:

  • I remember who I AM…and I graciously allow myself to be her/him/hem.
  • I love myself so much that I have an excess of gifts to give to This Universe!
  • I love me, therefore, I love you.
  • I am kind to me, therefore, I am kind to you.
  • I make peace with me, therefore, I make peace with you.
  • I breathe and stay centered, and wouldn’t ya know it~ now my Shadow is my Buddy!
  • A hobby I love is suddenly a moneymaking career!
  • We live in an abundant Universe. We always have everything we can Imagine.
  • We are all doing well for ourselves, always. 
  • Wealth and health for us all!
  • I trust myself, and my intuition.
  • I trust my connection with the Earth. Thank you Earth!
  • I trust my connection with the Sky.  Thank you Sky!
  • I trust myself, therefore, I trust you.
  • I am divinely guided and protected at all times.
  • Being Imperfect is the best way to be 🙂
  • Mistakes can be a lot of fun!
  • I always choose the right Channel.
  • Play is just as important as work and rest!
  • I remember how to use my Imagination, and I love what I come up with!
  • I believe in all of us Creators here on Planet Earth, and I love what we come up with!
  • We use our imaginations Collectively to Create the most Beautiful Universe you have ever seen.
  • I make my own Media Hype!
  • I say thank you thousands of times every day.
  • I use the word Love tens of thousands of times daily.
  • Laughter and fun are top priorities for me!
  • My healthy attitude inspires all of us.
  • I do good deeds like a Sneaky Trickster who never gets caught!
  • I breathe clean air, drink fresh water, and eat food from good dirt.
  • I walk more, and drive less.
  • The God inside me loves living there, because my body is a safe and nourishing place to be.
  • I am ok with myself, therefore, I am ok with you.
  • What makes me happy is being my authentic self.  I don’t need to impress you, but I love you!
  • When I look at people, I am thinking: Blessings to you!
  • I have my secrets, and that’s ok.
  • My best is ALWAYS Good Enough.  I am ALWAYS Good Enough.
  • I am a worthy individual, because I exist.
  • Because I am honest, I sleep like a baby.
  • I am very good at giving hugs.
  • I am very good at saying I am sorry.
  • I stand firm in my own Integrity.
  • I hug myself when I need to!
  • Everyday I take 9 Deep Breaths.